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Fryer Sound Ltd Brian May prototype treble booster 2010 in second hand used condition


"Rare beastie for sale": this very rare prototype was made by Nigel Knight and Greg Fryer of Fryer Sound Ltd in early 2010. This prototype was developed by Greg and Nigel as a treble booster that may possibly have been mass produced by Fryer Sound Ltd in the UK for Barry Moorhouse and Brian May Guitars London to be sold around the world by BMG as part of the Brian May Red Special guitars range. Unfortunately the project never went ahead.
Due to the prototyped nature of this unit's printed circuit board, whereby Nigel Knight used a regular Fryer Sound Ltd 2008 printed circuit board (designed for the pad spacings of the regular size components used on the BM/Fryer boosters TB Touring, TB Deluxe and TB Plus), and soldered the smaller size surface mount (SMD) components to this regular size Fryer Sound pcb as a trial for possible future manufacture, a warranty cannot be offered on this rare item.
Although this unit has only been used a few times since 2010 and has a near new appearance, it has recently been repaired by Greg Fryer due to a 47uf SMD electrolytic capacitor breaking off from its solder joint, and has been repaired checked and tested by Greg and is now working and sounding fine.
This unit is sold in second hand 'as is' condition and any prospective buyer should be warned that this treble booster may fail sonically at any time due to the aforementioned less than satisfactory way that the components were soldered to a pcb which was not designed for them.
Price is $AUD150.00 (which is approx equal to 85.00 GB Pounds) plus shipping cost by International Express Airmail of $AUD60.00 or if purchased within Australia a shipping cost of $AUD22.00 by Express Post.
Please be aware that if you are purchasing this protoype treble booster that 9V batteries cannot be shipped by air and you will need to install a 9V battery before using the booster.
Please also note that if purchasing this treble booster from outside of Australia, that you may be charged import tax by your Government's Customs Department.

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