Fryer guitars

Prototype 2005 Brian May Fryer Treble Booster Touring in second hand used condition


Another rare beastie for sale, this being one of 2 prototypes that I commissioned from a Korean manufacturer in 2004-05. I brought the first of the prototypes to Brian May's studio on one of my visits and discussed the possibility with Barry and Pete of having this treble booster as a regular item to be sold by Barry Moorhouse/House Music/BMG to accompany the fine range of Brian May guitars.
Unfortunately the product did not go ahead.
I left the first prototype at Brian's studio, and I understand that it was sold to someone a few years ago.
This 2nd prototype has hardly been used and has a near new appearance, and is sold with all defects/wear and tear and in 'as is' second hand condition.
A 9V battery is used to power the effect pedal and the rear cover needs to be removed in order to replace the battery.
Please be aware that if you purchase this product that 9V batteries cannot be shipped by air, and you will need to install one before using the treble booster.
Please also be aware that if buying from outside of Australia, that your Government's Customs Department may charge you import tax on this item.
Price is $AUD95.00 plus shipping

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