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Treble Booster Special


Treble Booster Special - now available

• A versatile treble booster pedal designed to suit all guitar and amplifier types
• "Range" control allows 6 flexible tonal settings, gives the sounds of our TB Super, TB Deluxe and TB Plus pedals as well as thinner and fatter sounds
• Uses same great sounding transistor as our Treble Booster Super
• Choice of using either 9V battery or 9V Adaptor
• On/Off true bypass footswitch and LED status
• Level control

Price is $AUD425.00 plus shipping by UPS internationally and by Express Post within Australia. Please be aware that if you order from outside Australia that your government will charge you import tax on this product. Please allow 3 business days days for delivery internationally door to door by UPS. Please also be aware that batteries cannot be shipped by air.

When ordering can you please include your telephone number, this is required by UPS otherwise they cannot ship


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